How to create Automatic Like

You might actually wonder why anyone would write on something like this. However, twitter bots can be very helpful when it comes to growing your network on twitter. I am not talking about some kind of faulty program that still information rather something that you can genuinely apply to promote your business or any other information via twitter. For example when someone shares maybe a link from your website via twitter, you can decide to favorite that tweet hence portraying you as the original author of that information. This is a simple example of automatic likes that can be easily be done by anyone.

Like bot

A bot is a program that performs duties for another program or user especially on the internet. It is one of the best programs that can be used to get automatic Likes. You don’t have to be on twitter all the time in order to get your posts liked instead all you have to do is first of all to define a particular search phrase and all other similar tweets will automatically be liked by the bot program. However, it is important to include as many search conditions as possible in order to do away with spam tweets.