A monumental year for Snapchat

Snapchat certainly became the top choice of social media app users particulars the millennials. In actuality, this renowned messaging app absolutely takes pride of their six billion snapchat views in a day.

Perhaps, more and more users prefer to use this app because it is designed with a time-restricted nature of content. To put it simply, the material which came from both the brands and the users vanish after a period of 24 hours. So, evidently, this promotes sense of exclusivity as well as urgency which is quite appealing to the youngsters.

It is worthy of note that a lot of social media app users around the world prefer Snapchat because this app seems to have the capability to offer users with a unique space for sharing very exclusive and small moments unlike other social media app available these days.

More than that, one of the reasons why a rapidly increasing number of consumers are so engrossed with Snapchat it could certainly be equally enticing to publishers as well as advertisers. So, just as user generated content can be flippant and whimsical on the network, Snapchat provides brands an opportunity to place themselves in various ways- and probably less formally as compared to other social networks out there.